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Who Are We?

We are a growing group of race car enthusiasts joining together to leave something behind to Mexican children besides a memory of our drive through as we rip around beautiful Mexico. The smiles, laughter and enthusiasm received during our 2015 La Pana race inspired this initiative and now a yearly contest is set up where children send in drawings, poems, fotos, videos and participating pilots select winning entries. An expansion of the initiative for 2017 will have basic necessities distributed in remote areas we pass through during the race. Some donations are already slotted to help orphanages in Chihuahua and more locations in need to be added.

As “Pilotos Panamericanos” organizers we want to encourage your support

We are dedicated in this initiative to give prizes to as many children as we can and with this contest our hope is that many children are motivated to not only watch the race and followit in the various media sources, but also to encourage a healthy and exciting passion in their life.

Together we can continue to promote motorsports in general.

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